La mafia non è più quella di una volta

The Mafia is Not What it Used to Be
Franco Maresco
I 2019
105 min

2017 jährten sich die Attentate auf die Richter Giovanni Falcone und Paolo Borsellino zum 25. Mal. Anlass für Maresco, sich in Palermo umzusehen und zu hören, wie der beiden Kämpfer gegen die Mafia dort wohl gedacht wird und welche Spuren ihre Arbeit im sizilianischen Alltag hinterlassen haben mag. Die Ergebnisse sind erschütternd. Sie werden vom Filmemacher in eine schwarzhumorige, anthropologische Dokumentar-Studie gefasst, in der im raschen Wechsel von Satire, Groteske, Tragödie und Kritik unschöne Wahrheiten aufscheinen über Italiens politische Kaste sowie die träge Gesellschaft, die diese gewähren lässt. In Venedig mit dem Spezialpreis der Jury ausgezeichnet. (Alexandra Seitz)


On the 25th anniversary of the killing of judges Falcone and Borsellino, Franco Maresco and iconic photographer Letizia Battaglia follow the preparations for a concert to commemorate the two great anti-Mafia heroes. Not coincidentally, the show is being put on by a shady and dubiously connected impresario: Ciccio Mira, who is notorious for his shows linked to Mafiosi and already starred in Maresco’s previous work. LA MAFIA is populated by wannabe neomelodic singers, ambiguous investors, journalists, and amateur dancers all united in an utterly grotesque hall of fame, creating a disturbing sense of unease for those watching. Within this absurd atmosphere, Maresco observes how what used to be a pillar of the anti-Mafia movement in Italy has lost all meaning, having nowadays been reduced to an inoffensive charade. LA MAFIA features a gallery of characters emblematic of a wide-ranging cultural crisis which extends far beyond Sicily. The film is set in a Society of the Spectacle, in which being a killer or a judge is equally acceptable as long as each offers celebrity. Always perfectly poised between nihilism and resistance, Franco Maresco confirms himself as one of the most lucid and critical voices in the Italian cinema of today – perhaps the only one able to truly talk about Mafia. (Rebecca DePas)

  • Letizia Battaglia - Mafia-Fotografin
  • Ciccio Mira
  • Matteo Mannino
  • Cristian Miscel
  • Franco Zecchin
  • Franco Maresco
  • Claudia Uzzo
  • Francesco Guttuso
  • Giuliano La Franca
  • Uliano Greca
  • Tommaso Lusena de Sarmiento
  • Luca Bertolin
  • Edoardo Morabito
  • Francesco Guttuso
  • Salvatore Bonafede
  • Nicola Sferruzza
Ilapalma-Dreamfilm, Tramp Limited

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