Ang panahon ng halimaw

Season of the Devil
Lav Diaz
Philippinen 2018
234 min

Am 22. September 1976 erließ Ferdinand Marcos das Präsidialdekret Nr. 1016, welches zur Gründung einer irregulären paramilitärischen Gruppierung kurz namens CHDF führte. Diese Terror-Miliz ermordete in der Folge zu Zehntausenden Menschen wie jene, deren Leiden dieser Film in Liedern gedenkt. Ja, Lav Diaz’ aktuelles Werk ist ein Gesangsepos aus Blankversen, welches sich keiner Musiktheaterform zuordnen lässt: Mal ist es Oper, dann Musical, dann wieder Singspiel im Geiste Jacques Demys. Ein Solitär nicht nur in der Form, auch in seiner Emotionalität nahezu unvergleichlich. (Olaf Möller)

In Anwesenheit von Lav Diaz.


In this heterodox 234-minute musical film, all dialogues are delivered through songs. The tale is set in 1979, in a segment of The Philippines’ history in which Ferdinand Marcos’ militias killed, without judgement, anyone suspected to be related to Communism. The chosen form to tell this horror story entails a necessary distancing from the representation of horror, an aesthetic procedure which – just as the black and white and the extraordinary concept for the composition of each shot – reinforces the right distance to think about the practices of Fascism without yielding to the emotional impact derived from it. The result is fascinating because the aesthetic invocation of evil is never an accomplice to the methods of torture and punishment. A whole era is synthetized during the course of four hours which run by quickly because each shot is so intense that it dilutes the experience of its duration. There is such an abundance of elements in each scene that time becomes merely a basic condition to discover a world and a culture and, also, a tragedy which is too universal to be truly foreign. (Roger Koza)

In the presence of Lav Diaz.

  • Piolo Pascual - Hugo Haniway
  • Shaina Magdayao - Lorena Haniway
  • Bituin Escalante - Kwentista
  • Pinky Amador - Kwago
  • Bart Guingona - Paham
  • Hazel Orencio - Tenyente
  • Joel Saracho - Ahas
  • Lav Diaz
  • Larry Manda
  • Corinne De San Jose
  • Lav Diaz
  • Lav Diaz
  • Adrian Yew Erman
Epicmedia Productions

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