Residents, The
Tiago Mata Machado
Brasilien 2010
120 min

Living in a temporary autonomous zone, a group of residents spend their days dealing with small lunatic plots, quixotesque farces and Rimbaudian delusions. The gross and quixotic adventure inevitably ends in a stalemate, the roundabout where the group finds itself stuck at the end of a tragicomic odyssey. An image that summarizes the absurd claim of founding a new vanguard. Leading up to the end of the aesthetic research, the residents end up finding a new ethic at the end of the road: after all, if the vanguards repeat themselves as farce, farce is hardly devoid of the disruptive power of the original gesture.

  • Gustavo Jahn - João
  • Melissa Dullius
  • Jeane Doucas
  • Simone Sales de Alcântara
  • Dellani Lima
  • Roberto de Oliveira
  • Geraldo Peninha
  • Cassiel Rodrigues
  • Paulo César Bicalho
  • Tiago Mata Machado
  • Cinthia Marcelle
  • Emílio Maciel
  • Andréa C. Scansani
  • Aloysio Raulino
  • Pedro Aspahan
  • Bruno Vasconcelos
  • Joacélio Baptista
  • Tiago Mata Machado
  • André Wakko
  • Juan Rojo
  • David Lansky
  • Vanessa Michellis
  • Cinthia Marcelle
Katásia Filmes

Kfofo Productions

35 mm
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