Minister, The
Pierre Schoeller
FRA, B 2011
112 min

The Minister of Transport, Bertrand Saint-Jean, is woken in the middle of the night by his private secretary. A bus has crashed into a ravine. He goes there, he has no choice. Thus begins the odyssey of a State official through an increasingly complex and hostile world. Speed, power struggles, chaos, economic crisis ... In the frantic chain of events, one emergency replaces another. What sacrifices are men ready to accept? How long will they last in a State that devours those who serve it?

  • Olivier Gourmet - Bertrand Saint-Jean
  • Michel Blanc - Gilles
  • Zabou Breitman - Pauline
  • Laurent Stocker - Yan
  • Sylvain Deblé - Martin Kuypers
  • Didier Bezace - Dominique Woessner
  • Pierre Schoeller
  • Julien Hirsch
  • Olivier Hespel
  • Laurence Briaud
  • Julie Brenta
  • Philippe Schoeller
  • Jean Marc Tran Tan Ba
  • Pascaline Chavanne
Archipel 35, Les Films du Fleuve, France 3 Cinéma, The RTBF, Belgacom

Doc & Film International

Filmladen Filmverleih
35 mm
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