Michel Leiner, Reinhard Kahn
BRD 1983, 1984
95 min

The films of Reinhard Kahn and Michel Leiner are testimony to the filmmakers’ sheer joy and enthusiasm of filmmaking. Platzwunder is no exception here. Kahn and Leiner use its non-narrative format to play around like two little boys who’ve been given a miracle construction set and are now giving it a try. They mix childhood memories, images, sounds, instants and ideas, some of which they have already used in earlier films, and add new elements. The film’s ending might as well be its beginning and the other way round: We could take the film apart and reassemble it in a different order, like a jigsaw puzzle, thus experiencing ever new, ever different and ever more exciting journeys of image and sound. It is a cinema of unlimited opportunity, a utopian cinema. (...) Kahn/Leiner keep discovering new details, take us to bizarre cinematic worlds, show us protagonists with distorted facts, their hair standing on end. (Peer Moritz, «Cinegraph»)

  • Ursula Braun
  • Barbara Kusenberg
  • Christoph Grau
  • Frau Feist
  • Frauke Peters
  • Gisela Matthießen
  • Daniel Mayer
  • Herbert Wustrow
  • Jörg Brodde
  • Astrid Grau
  • Reinhard Kahn
  • Michel Leiner
  • Reinhard Kahn
  • Michel Leiner
  • Reinhard Kahn
  • Michel Leiner
  • Walter Jäggi
  • Michel Leiner
  • Walter Zimmermann
  • diverse Jazz-
  • Klassik- und Folklore-Themen
  • Isaac van Deelen
  • Gottfried Benn
  • Horst Jakob
  • Pauline Cumbers
  • Christoph Grau
  • Traute Hensch
  • Gisela Knab
  • Jale Özyurt
  • Reinhard Kahn
  • Michel Leiner
  • Ursula Braun
  • Ursula Braun
Kahn/Leiner Filmproduktion
Reinhard Kahn Filmproduktion
arsenal - Institut für Film und Videokunst
35 mm
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