Early Austrians


81 min

]]>Stahl und Stein (Stahl und Eisen)]]> (1919, viragiert, dt. Zwischentitel)
Regie: Max Neufeld
Darsteller: Karl Ehmann, Max Neufeld, Gisa Gleis, Josef Recht, Poldi Szakolczey, Josefine Joseffy, Maria Markoff
Produktion: Wiener Kunstfilm Ges.m.b.H. (Wien)
35mm/stumm, 8 Minuten

]]>Der Sonnwendhof]]> (1918, viragiert, dt. Zwischentitel)
Regie: Emil Leyde
Drehbuch: Emil Leyde nach dem gleichnamigen Schauspiel von Salomon Hermann von Mosenthal
Darsteller: Fritz Kortner, Poldi Müller, Josef Reithofer, Trude Merly, Franz Ramharter
Produktion: Leyka-Film (Österreichische Kinofilmindustrie Ges.m.b.H., Wien)

]]>Stahl und Stein]]> and ]]>Sonnwendhof]]> explore the most important genre of early Austrian film, dramas featuring noble society, and the second most important, the folk play drama of the farm. Family honour, differences in social standing and the prejudice associated with it, as well as the resulting intrigues are here played out at the regional level. In Sonnwendhof Fritz Kortner plays the role of the blacksmith Mathias, the instigator and evil source of all the social exclusion and conflict that occurs. When the country-bumpkin intriguer smells power, the film which was previously reporting the incidents in a documentary style gains an astoundingly dramatic perspective.

35 mm
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