Early Austrians


100 min

]]>Das Vermächtnis des Hauses Moore]]> (1915, viragiert, dt. Zwischentitel)
Regie: Emil Leyde
Drehbuch: nach dem Roman «The Filigree Ball: Being a Full and True Account of the Solution of the Mystery Concerning the Jeffrey-Moore Affair» von Anna Katherine Greene
Darsteller: Lilli Karoly (Edith Moore), Hans Sonnenthal (Detektiv Brown), Karl Falkenberg (Graf Francis Jeffries)
Produktion: Robert Müller-Film (Österreichische Kinofilmindustrie Ges.m.b.H., Wien)
35mm/stumm, 32 Minuten

]]>Frauenehre]]> (1918, viragiert, dt. Zwischentitel)
Regie: Georg Kundert
Drehbuch: Ida Jenbach nach dem Drama «Ferréol» von Victorien Sardou
Darsteller: Heinrich Butcher, Fritz Kortner, Grete Lundt, Josef Reithofer, Irene Kraus, Lilli Lohrer, Fritz Hofer, Jaro Fürth, Tilde Baschny
Produktion: Leyka-Film (Österreichische Kinofilm­industrie Ges.m.b.H., Wien)
35mm/stumm, 68 Minuten

The detective and crime genre can now be seen as one of the most interesting examples of cinema culture from the decade beginning 1910. The English streets and landscapes, in which the detective from ]]>Das Vermächtnis des Hauses Moore]]> chased the suspect, were shot in Baden and Vienna and lend the film, which hasn’t survived in complete form, a special charm. ]]>Frauenehre]]> blows its narrative structure with a refined flashback structure. What happened is slowly put together from various building blocks and interpretations. The truth is fragile, and the moral basis all the more effectively provides a framework for the action on the screen.

Music: Daniel Nösig (trumpet), Florian C. Reithner (piano)

35 mm
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