From the Heart of the World


First Teacher
Andrej Michalkow-Kontschalowskij
Udssr 1965
102 min

Kyrgyzstan, near the Chinese border, 1923. A stranger has just arrived in a little godforsaken country village. Diushen is a teacher, sent by the Communist Party to teach the ignorant masses. While the children gradually start to accept the new teacher, the villagers are less than eager to make his acquaintance. They see him as a threat to their own way of life. It takes a while until the teacher, propelled by his ideological fanaticism, and the townsfolk, are making progress in coming to terms with each other and with the social changes they are all facing.

  • ? - Dr. Flicker
  • Natalija Arinbasarowa - Altynaj
  • der Lehrer)
  • Idris Nogajbajew - Normamgabet
  • Darkul Kujukowa - Koltinaj
  • M. Kyschtobajew - Saltymkul
  • Kassym Scharkinbajew - Kartynbaj
  • Sowjetbek Schumadilow - Kajmbaj
  • W. Kydykejewa - Chernucha
  • K. Jussupschanowa - Burma
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