Tribute: Raúl Perrone


Raúl Perrone
Argentinien 2013
157 min

What is a “cumbiópera”? It is a heterodox fusion of two musical genres with just one thing in common – the twelve notes of the musical scale. The result is magnificent, with the electronic intervention of DJs following the lead of Perrone’s mixture between Puccini, cumbia, sounds of skateboarding and trains as a great infinite chord which ciphers the spirit of this film. The visual bluntness of P3ND3JO5 is evident: the 4:3 ratio, the black & white, the shots resembling those strict frames of silent cinema, the traveling shots following the skaters as they slide, the slow motion used for some of their feats, the fades registering the movement of the clouds or suggesting the ghost-like destiny of these youngsters. Three acts and a coda; the storyline is circumscribed to small narrative sketches: a few love stories, the lonely wanderings of a young man, a crime linked to police corruption, drug dealing. The rest is moving on four wheels through an eternal present without horizons.

In the presence of Pablo Ratto (producer).

  • Mariano Blanco
  • Cabito
  • Yenien Teves
  • Eugenia Juarez
  • Fernando Daniel
  • Adrian Quiroga Hernandez
  • Julieta Maria Borgna
  • Gonzalo Orquin
  • Nestor Gianotti
  • Raúl Perrone
  • Hernan Soma
  • Raúl Perrone
  • Lucas Granata
  • Raúl Perrone
  • Raúl Perrone
  • Nomenombresway
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