Tribute: Raúl Perrone

La Mecha

Raúl Perrone
Argentinien 2004
71 min

Don Galván wakes up early in the morning and gets ready to begin his day; he exercises a bit, he eats breakfast, and he is about to light up his old kerosene heater. But the wick can’t be lit and it has to be changed. Problem is this particular model of heater is no longer produced. Will Galván be able to find a suitable spare part? After this, we follow a very senior protagonist (Perrone’s father-in-law) in his secretly incredible journey throughout Ituzaingó and its proximities as he persists in finding a spare part for the old heater. Based on an everyday anecdote, LA MECHA raises existential questions in relation to the fate of un-inherited trades, the useful life of objects, and the mystery of occasional encounters (as it is the case of Galván's rendezvous with a Chinese masseuse, or when he comes upon some hunters in the woods). The Argentinean economic collapse, in a time still close to the 2001 crisis, finds its way into the tale – there is no work and circulating money is just as obsolete as that useless wick.

On Oct 29 in the presence of Pablo Ratto (producer).

  • Niceforo Galván - Don Galván
  • Daniel Pellinacci
  • Juan Ramon Sanchez
  • Gonzalo Freijo
  • Raúl Perrone
  • Roberto Barandalla
  • Angel Arozamena
  • Alejandro Alonso
  • Benjamin Avila
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