Tribute: Raúl Perrone

Ocho años después

Raúl Perrone
Argentinien 2005
78 min

An actor might embody many different characters, but his body remains forever the same. This bodily evidence represents, always, a documentary register. In GRACIADIÓ, Violeta Naón played Pao and Gustavo Prone played Gus, they loved each other and almost had a child together. Eight years later they meet again, only now Violeta is no longer Pao and Gustavo is no longer Gus; though, maybe, those are actually them for real, or perhaps it is them playing themselves. The duplication of fiction into reality and the other way round is presented right from the beginning, when we see a few shots from GRACIADIÓ followed by a Q&A session in which Violeta stands in substitution of Perrone, who is presenting a film in Spain. Then, we have another possible love story between the “actors.” Here conversation is a form of love, a way to find a balance in spite of existing differences, as we witness in a 25-minute shot in a pizza restaurant. The closing of this tale is truly remarkable – all we care, and all that matters, is that which can’t be seen.

In the presence of Pablo Ratto (producer).

  • Gustavo Prone - Gus
  • Violeta Naón - Pao
  • Raúl Perrone
  • Clodo Luque
  • Alejandro Seoane
Les Envies que je te désire

Les Envies que je te désire

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