Lips, The
Santiago Loza, Iván Fund
Argentinien 2010
100 min

Three women arrive at a desolated province town in central Argentina for welfare work. With a hospital in ruins serving as headquarter, the three can be seen as the positive effect of an attentive state that’s trying to ease the much worse negative effects of an absent – or simply disastrous – one. But Los labios, as limpid as it is mysterious, is not a documentary about social assistance or public health; it’s fiction, and not one that merely illustrates the policies taken against poverty. Actually, Los labios is a film that allows itself to discover and narrate lives, taking a chance with pain and the small joys while stuck right down in the dirt, and which tells its story by framing reality in a way that thoroughly fragments a whole they resend us to – aesthetically and ethically– with modesty and respect. (Buenos Aires Film Festival)

In the presence of Iván Fund and Iván Eibuszyc (producer).

  • Victoria Raposo
  • Eva Bianco
  • Adela Sánchez
  • Raul Lagger
  • Santiago Loza
  • Iván Fund
  • María Laura Collasso
  • Leandro de Loredo
  • Alejandro Seba
  • Lorena Moriconi
  • Ivan Fund
  • Lisandro Rodríguez
  • Adrián Suárez
  • Adrián Suárez
Morocha Films, Tres Sonido, Alta Definición


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