Michael Kértész
AUT 1924
85 min

Michael Kértész’s ]]>Die Sklavenkönigin]]> was the highlight of Austrian epic film production. Props and set interiors were reproduced from Egyptian originals, monumental sets were built on the Laaerberg hills, and film crews shot footage in actual locations in Egypt. The politics of the 20’s was characterised by a radicalising of political struggle, and taking it from parliament to the streets. The accompanying mobilisation of the masses and its choreographing were also captured by Austrian filmmaking, as can be seen in the short film ]]>Wien erwacht]]>.

Music: Vera Fischer, flute, Benedikt Leitner, cello, KILO (Markus Urban und Florian Bogner, electronic sounds).

  • Oskar Beregi
  • Hans Marr
  • Ferdinand Onno
  • Adolf Weisse
  • Arlette Marchall
  • Adelqui Millar
  • Reinhold Häussermann
  • Ladislaus Vajda
  • Gustav Ucicky
  • Max Nekut
  • Hans Theyer
  • Artur Berger
  • Emil Stepanek
Sascha-Film Industrie, Wien
35 mm
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