Klaus Lemke
BRD 1971
85 min

Hamburg 1971. After the death of his brother, fourteen-year-old Marc enters a world of rockers and pimps. He befriends Gerd, a rocker fresh from prison, and the former leader of the gang also begins to realise that everything is different now, “outside”. For 40 years, German filmmaker Klaus Lemke has been pursuing his own kind of combative cinema. A cinema of minimal budgets, realised with the help of public television. ]]>Rocker]]> has become a cult film, especially in Hamburg, and it is a record of German society in the early 70’s.

  • Hans-Jürgen Modschiedler
  • Gerd Kruskopf
  • Paul Lyss
  • Michael-Thomas Krannich
  • Marianne Mim
  • Heidrun Rieckmann
  • Joe Ebel
  • Marianne Quast
  • Klaus Lemke
  • Bernd Fiedler
  • Hajo von Zündt
  • Jutta Brandstaetter
TV-Union Fernsehproduktion ZDF
Klaus Lemke Filmproduktion ZDF
Video (Digi Beta)
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