João Bénard da Costa - outros amarão as coisas que eu amei

João Bénard da Costa - Others Will Love the Things I Loved
Manuel Mozos
P 2014
75 min

João Bénard da Costa was the director of the Portuguese cinematheque for 18 years. I followed the path of his memories and found his love for painting, for churches, for Proust and Musil, for Italy, cinema, Mozart and his friends. But what I really wanted to find was the man, of flesh and bone, full of contradictions, a free man. (Manuel Mozos)

In the presence of Manuel Mozos and Rui Alexandre Santos.

  • Inês Duarte
  • Nuno Esteves
  • Luís Nunes
  • João Bénard da Costa
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Rosa Filmes

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