Parole de kamikaze

I, Kamikaze
Sawada Masa
FRA 2014
75 min

A veteran narrates his memories from World War II when he volunteered for the very first kamikaze operation planned by the Japanese Imperial Army. A stunning personal testimony of a bigger-than-life tale. “When I recall the kamikaze unit, when I call up the memories of that time, everything becomes bright. It’s as if those memories are bathed in light. you understand?” – “When you talk about that light, do you mean the images in your mind are shining?” – “Sometimes I think ‘today it’s my turn.’ I wake up with that idea in my head. And at that moment it’s as though the entire universe is bathed in a dazzling light.”

  • Josée Deshaies
  • Takada Rin
  • Ogi Hiroto
  • Watanabe Junko
  • Bertrand Bonello
  • Hayashi Fujio
Comme des Cinémas


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