The Big Melt

Martin Wallace, Jarvis Cocker
GBR 2013
70 min

THE BIG MELT takes one hundred years of film from the BFI archives, the artistic temperament of film director Martin Wallace and the unique musical talents of Jarvis Cocker and his friends in the Sheffield music scene into The Crucible to forge a new live experience. A music and film journey into the soul of a nation, bringing to life the ghosts of our past, taking us into the belly of the furnaces and showing how our souls have been stamped from the mighty presses of our industrial heritage. It’s a new kind of heavy metal music with pictures. You will never look at a fork in the same way again. (Sheffield Doc Festival)

  • Martin Wallace
  • Andy Pink
  • Martin Wallace
  • Jarvis Cocker
Crossover Labs, Lone Star

Crossover Labs

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