Philippe Faucon
FRA, Kanada 2015
79 min

Fatima lives alone with her two daughters: Souad, 15, a rebellious teenager, and Nesrine, 18, who is starting medical school. Fatima doesn’t speak French well, a great frustration to her in her daily relations with her daughters. At the same time, her girls are her motivation and her pride as well as a source of worry to her. In order to give them the best possible future, Fatima works irregular hours as a house cleaner. One day, she falls down a flight of stairs. While she is off work, Fatima starts writing to her daughters in Arabic, telling them everything she hasn’t been able to express in French.

  • Soria Zeroual - Fatima
  • Zita Hanrot - Nesrine
  • Kenza Noah Aïche - Souad
  • Philippe Faucon
  • Laurent Fenart
  • Vincent Brunier
  • Sophie Mandonnet
  • Nezha Rahile
Istiqlal Films, Possibles Média, Arte France Cinéma, Rhones-Alpes Cinéma

Pyramide International

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