Lu bian ye can

Kaili Blues
Gan Bi
China 2015
110 min

Kaili, Guizhou Province, China. In a small clinic, two preoccupied doctors live like ghosts until one day, one of them, Chen Sheng, decides to fulfill his dead mother’s wish and sets off on a long train journey to look for his brother’s abandoned child. His partner at the clinic, a lonely old lady, asks him to bring an old photograph, a shirt and a cassette to her old sweetheart who has fallen ill. On the way, Chen passes a strange little town named Dangmai where time is not linear and people’s lives complement each other. He stops there and experiences the past, present and future.

  • Chen Yongzhong - Chen Sheng
  • Zhao Daqing - Doctor
  • Yu Shixue - Wei Wei
  • Guo Yue - Yang Yang
  • Liu Linyan - Zhang Xi
  • Bi Gan
  • Wang Tianxing
  • Liang Kai
  • Qin Yanan
  • Lim Giong
  • Zhu Yun
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