Rick Alverson
USA 2014

If a monograph is ever written about the cinema of Rick Alverson, it may read: “Oh God, Please, When Will This Movie End?” This is by no means a pejorative statement. Or at least, not entirely. Alverson, whose previous work THE COMEDY might be film’s finest examination of the corrosive nature of privilege, makes movies that are near impossible to sit through and even harder to stop thinking about.
ENTERTAINMENT, which stars the comedian Gregg Turkington as a failing standup comedian, staggers through a landscape of wretched bars, comedy dumps and loser towns in a shell-shocked haze of fed-up existential disgust. Each moment of this despicable charade we call life, it says, brings us closer to the final indignity that will spark total emotional collapse. It is, if you are watching in the right frame of mind, hilarious. (Jordan Hoffman) 

  • John C. Reilly - John
  • Gregg Turkington - The Comedian
  • Amy Seimetz - Woman in the bar
  • Tye Sheridan - Eddie the Opener
  • Rick Alverson
  • Gregg Turkington
  • Tim Heidecker
  • Gene Park
  • Lorenzo Hagerman
  • Michael Taylor
  • Rick Alverson
  • Robert Donne
  • Bart Mangrum
  • Elizabeth Warn
Nomadic Independence, Jagjaguwar, Made Bed Productions, Complex Corporation, Epic Pictures Group

Epic Pictures Group

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