Gastón Solnicki
Argentinien 2019
3 min

In Latin, circumplector means “all-encompassing,” and Solnicki’s three-minute short includes sculpture, architecture, devotional music, a painterly still life, portraiture, and more. In the film’s evocative first image, we see a statue being removed from Notre Dame, just two days, as it happens, before the cathedral was engulfed in flames. So in a certain respect, Solnicki is also expressing his faith in cinema as an embrace, a tool for memorializing human endeavor in the face of uncertainty. The camera cannot see everything, but as Bazin assured us, it loses no part of what it sees. (Michael Sicinski)

In the presence of Gastón Solnicki.

  • Federico Landaburu
  • Clara Aynié
  • Sofía Reynal
  • Juan Maglione
  • Alan Segal
Filmy Wiktora

Filmy Wiktora

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