Casanova Gene
Luise Donschen
DEU 2018
67 min

This playful and free essay tries to address something that defines the intensity of any human life – desire. Casanova is nothing but a theater figure that offers a comment on a male position marked by seduction, and John Malkovich’s three or four appearances taking his clothes off and putting them on in a dressing room while he talks with Donschen herself synthesize that position both in theory and praxis and this is perhaps reinforced with a curious hypothesis of a “Casanova Gen” enunciated through the lips of an evolutionist biologist who studies the finch. These two lines of exploration are enriched with yet a further exploration on desire in the context of theology (life in a monastery), youth (exchanges in a night club), and masochism (an erotic session with a dominatrix). Everything is mixed through an edition work which emulates a free-association mode which is very appropriate for contemporary dispersed subjectivity and is also able to relate – offering a counterpoint through an arduous notion of composition in each shot – diverse universes within a single area of symbolic coexistence. Paradoxically, rigor and freedom define the first feature of this young filmmaker. (Roger Koza)

In the presence of Luise Donschen and members of the crew.

  • Wolfgang Forstmeier
  • John Malkovich
  • Elija Pott
  • Undine de Rivière
  • Lumi Lausas
  • Luise Donschen
  • Luise Donschen
  • Helena Wittmann
  • Luise Donschen
  • Erik Manouz
  • Katharina Duve
Luise Donschen

Luise Donschen

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