From the Heart of the World


Bus Stop
Aktan Abdykalykow
Ernest, Abdyschaparow, Kyrgyzstan 1995
22 min

Just off the motorway, there is a side road with a bus stop. Four people are waiting for the bus: an old man, a young girl, a youth, and a man. A hooligan appears who will be dreaded, despised, and beaten up for his mean behavior. The bus doesn't arrive, and their wait will be in vain.

  • M. Manijasow
  • Ernest Abdyschaparow
  • T. Awasowa
Kirgisfilm Studio, Dinara Asanowa Street 1 720030 Bischkek, Kirgisistan, T 312 25 43 12, F 312 25 30 68

Kirgisfilm Studio

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