From the Heart of the World


Dareschan Omirbajew
France, Japan, Kazakhstan 2001
85 min

A love letter from Anara to her husband, filmmaker Amir Kobessov. Amir is awakened by a nightmare: the premiere of his film results in disaster when a projectionist mixes up reels. A karate film is screened instead. The public is ecstatic and refuses to have the screening interrupted. A telegram arrives: Amir's mother is gravely ill. Amir takes for the road for his remote provincial village. The road is long and emotional. Amir reflects. He contemplates on the difficulties involved in making a film. He remembers the young woman who edited his film, his desire for her, his hand on her skin. And he remembers his wife Anara's blaming look upon surprising him in the editing room.

  • Saule Toktybajewa - Mutter
  • Dschamschet Usmonow - Amir Kobessow
  • Alnur Turgambajewa - Anara Kobessowa
  • Magjane Omirbajew - Amirs Sohn/Amir als Kind
  • WalerijaGulijajewa - Weronika
  • Walerij Skorikow - Polizeiinspektor
  • Serik Aprymow - Serik
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Celluloid Dreams 2 rue Turgot 75009 Paris, Frankreich T 1 49 70 03 70

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