From the Heart of the World


Dareschan Omirbajew
France, Kazakhstan 1998
80 min

Marat works as a scholar's personal driver in Almaty, ancient capital city of Kazakhstan. One day, Marat is driving his wife back from the maternity hospital with their new baby, in his employer's car, when he rear-ends a Mercedes in front of him. How can he pay for the repair of the two cars? A nightmare begins. The loan he accepts puts him at the mercy of a Mafia boss. He tries to save his skin, caught up among the violence of some, the foolishness of others, uncontrollable events, and daily humiliation. The course of his life is comparable to that of his own country: Marat accepts a dubious offer and, inevitably, finds himself on the road to ruin.

  • Talgat Asetow - Marat
  • Roksana Abuowa - Ajschan
  • Askar Rachimschanow
  • Bolat Sysdykow
  • Wiktor Schin
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