Lance Hammer
USA 2008
96 min

In the most widely praised debut at Sundance festival this year, the twelve-year-old James lives with his mother Marlee in the Mississippi Delta. In the dead cold of winter, life is tough, and his mother struggles to provide for them. While she spends long hours at work, James falls in with bad company. To impress his new friends, he agrees to serve as a drug courier, but when things go wrong, James and his mother flee to his uncle Lawrence's modest farm. The relationship between Marlee and Lawrence faltered under tragic circumstances after James' birth, but the new situation may soothe the bitterness and put their relationship back on track.
«With spare and minimalist yet powerful strokes, Ballast, the feature directorial debut of the gifted Lance Hammer, captures a slice of African American Life in the Mississippi Delta in a way that recalls the early, lyrical work of Charles Burnett, specifically Killer of Sheep.» (Emanuel Levy)

  • Micheal J. Smith Sr. - Lawrence
  • Jim Myron Ross - James
  • Tarra Riggs - Marlee
  • Johnny McPhail - John
  • Lance Hammer
  • Lol Crawley
  • Sam Watson
  • Lance Hammer
  • Jerel Levanway
  • Caroline Eselin-Schaefer
Alluvial Film Company 3050 North Beachwood Drive Los Angeles, CA 90068, USA T 323 4671612 t

Celluloid Dreams 2 rue Turgot 75009 Paris, Frankreich T 1 49 70 03 70 m

35 mm
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