Lisandro Alonso
Argentinien, FRA, NL, ESP, DEU 2008
84 min

During an Atlantic crossing, Farrel asks the captain of the freighter he is sailing on for permission to go ashore at the next port of call: He wants to visit the place where he was born to find out if his mother is still alive. Farrel has been a seaman for well over twenty years, has always drunk himself blind and paid for the women he slept with. He never made a friend. When he reaches the snowbound town where he lived during his early childhood years, he discovers that his mother is still alive - but also that there is another member to the family.

  • Juan Fernandez - Farrel
  • Giselle Irrazabal - Analia
  • Nieves Cabrera - Trujillo
  • Lisandro Alonso
  • Salvador Roselli
  • Lucio Bonelli
  • Catriel Vildosola
  • Sergi Dies
  • Lisandro Alonso
  • Martin Mainoli
  • Fernando Epstein
  • Flormaleva
  • Gonzalo Delgado
4L Ballivian 2775 1431 Buenos Aires, Argentinien T 11 4521 3874

The Match Factory Balthasarstraße 79-81 50670 Köln, Deutschland T 221 539 709 0

35 mm
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