The Bad Kids

Keith Fulton, Lou Pepe
USA 2016
101 min

The students at Black Rock High school in the Mojave Desert come from backgrounds of domestic instability, homelessness and substance abuse. Dropped by regular schools, they are offered a new chance at this supportive institution. THE BAD KIDS profiles some of these kids choosing an observant verité approach.
The driving force behind Black Rock comes from Principal Vonda Viland, who lays out a simple set of rules for students entering her doors: the curriculum will move at each individual’s own pace, and there’s no detention. Effectively, students can earn the credits for their high school diploma as quickly or slowly as they need to, the motivation has to come from the pupils. Viland is probably the only principal who will actively tell her students that much of what they’re doing likely won’t apply to them in the future. But she stresses everything is being done to give them a chance at bettering their lives and opening doors. (Kevin Jagernauth)


  • Lou Pepe
  • Keith Fulton
  • Mary Lampson
  • Jacob Bricca
Lowkey Pictures

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