Daisis miziduloba

The Dazzling Light of Sunset
Salomé Jashi
Georgien, DEU 2016
74 min

In the Georgian city of Tsalenjikha, reporter Dariko and cameraman Kakha are always on the lookout for new material for their local TV-station. The viewer accompanies them on the job, witnessing the most diverse situations and rituals: celebratory feasts, weddings, city council meetings, burials. Stages slide into focus time and again too – at a vocal performance or a fashion show, though we also observe the cleaning up that takes place after the crowd has gone. Sometimes we join Dariko live on the scene, other times we watch over their shoulders as they review and edit footage back at the station.
The video recordings reflect the state of the community. This region seems far removed from the modern world, and yet the latter is unceasingly present here. Salomé Jashi depicts a provincial landscape and the lifestyles of its diverse inhabitants assembling the delicately composed images into an unconventional portrait of a microcosm poised between tradition and transformation. (GoEast Film Festival)


  • Dariko Beria
  • Kakha Kvaratskhelia
  • Salomé Jashi
  • Salomé Jashi
  • Sebastian Tesch
  • Derek Howard
Sakdoc Film, Inselfilm


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