Retrospective 2016

All that Heaven Allows

Douglas Sirk
USA 1955
88 min

Objects play their own significant part in expressing the emotions blocked by convention in small-town, middle-class 50’s America. Sirk creates a cinema in which the screen itself speaks more articulately than the protagonists, tongue-tied as they are by the codes of their fictional setting , the powers of censorship in Hollywood at the time, and the norms of the family melodrama genre. Out of these constraints, Sirk builds his film, while also using a typically melodramatic score to punctuate points and to accompany the tones of the actors’ voices. (Laura Mulvey)

  • Jane Wyman - Cary Scott
  • Rock Hudson - Ron Kirby
  • Agnes Moorehead - Sara Warren
  • Conrad Nagel - Harvey
  • Peg Fenwick
  • Russell Metty
  • Lesley Carey
  • Frank Gross
  • Frank Skinner
  • Alexander Golitzen
  • Eric Orbom
  • Bill Thomas
Universal-international Pictures
35 mm
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