Retrospective 2016

Romeo und Julia auf dem Dorfe

Hans Trommer, Valerien Schmidely
CH 1941
93 min

Vreni and Sali are inseparable friends. But their families, Marti and Manz, have a conflict over a piece of land. Years later the two young adults fall in love. But the family feud is still lasting. When Marti becomes aware of their relationship there is a fight. Sali hurts Marti badly so that he is not able to keep up the farm any longer. Vreeli has to sell her farm to settle their debts. The two lovers, realizing the hopelessness of their position, plan to spend one happy day with each other. They drift away in a boat together; the boat is later found empty.

  • Margrit Winter - Vreeli Marti
  • Dorli Zäch - Vreni als Kind
  • Erwin Kohlund - Sali Manz
  • Richard Schuhmacher - Sali als Kind
  • Johannes Steiner - Albert Manz
  • Emil Gyr - Marti
  • Emil Gerber - der schwarze Geiger
  • Walburga Gmür - Frau Manz
  • Anni Dürig - Frau Marti
  • Hans Trommer
  • Ady Lumpert
  • Charles Métain
  • Irene Widmer
  • Jack Trommer
  • Walter Zollinger
35 mm
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