Retrospective 2016

Traviata ’53

Vittorio Cottafavi
I, FRA 1953
96 min

TRAVIATA ’53 is based on the Dumas novel “La Dames aux Camélias” and Cottafavis approach to a (neo)realistic cinema. One of his formal means of social criticism turns out to be the long shot.
“Nobody noticed the long takes of TRAVIATA ’53. For me, it wasn’t a way to avoid intervening artificially in the characters but it was just the pursuit of an image continuity ... I never considered the long take attractive in itself, but it’s like when we look at a painting, we observe all that is contained by the frame and then we say ‘too bad it doesn’t continue!’ The long take is the continuation that makes its discourse exceed the frame.” (Vittorio Cottafavi)

  • Barbara Laage - Rita
  • Armando Francioli - Carlo Rivelli
  • Gianna Baragli - Ehefrau
  • Carlo Hintermann - Giampaolo
  • Siro Angeli
  • Tullio Pinelli
  • Arturo Gallea
  • Giovanni Canavero
  • Loris Bellero
  • Giovanni Fusco
  • Giancarlo Bartolini Salimbeni
Synimex, Venturini Film
35 mm
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