Patti Smith at Viennale 2016

05 Oct 2016

Patti Smith at Viennale 2016

The American musician and artist Patti Smith will act as a kind of “godmother” of this year’s Viennale. Smith, who has maintained a friendly relationship with the festival for quite some time, will enrich the program with a concert at Vienna’s Gartenbaukino and – for the first time in Austria – a photo exhibition curated by her especially for this occasion.

For many years now, Patti Smith has not only been a music legend, but is also a highly respected and distinguished writer and photographer. Her autobiographical novel, Just Kids, published in 2010, was awarded the most prestigious English-language literature prizes and sold more than one million copies. In the meantime, Smith has also become a highly acclaimed photo artist, her work being shown in numerous exhibitions in galleries and museums all over the world.

On the occasion of the Viennale 2016, Patti Smith has chosen a special selection of photographic works, including a series of pictures taken in Vienna over the past 15 years. The exhibition 28 photographs will be presented on the first floor of the Metro Kinokulturhaus from October 21 to November 10.

November 2, 5.30 pm, Viennale Festivalzentrum

In an artist talk Patti Smith will discuss her work with the American filmmaker Jem Cohen.
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ALL SAINTS DAY An Evening with Patti Smith
November 1, 9.30pm, Gartenbaukino  (sold out)

As part of the Viennale there will be a concert and reading, titled All Saints’ Day. During her performance, Patti Smith will be accompanied by her long-time pianist and guitarist, Tony Shanahan.
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