Image of movie Eyimofe
Image of movie Eyimofe
Image of movie Eyimofe


This Is My Desire
Arie Esiri, Chuko Esiri
Nigeria 2019
116 min

Die Kapitel heißen „Spanien“ und „Italien“, doch nicht diese Sehnsuchtsorte sehen wir, sondern das Leben, dem die Protagonist*innen aus der Megacity Laos dorthin zu entfliehen suchen: Mofe, selbstgelernter Elektriker und Wachmann, Rosa, Friseurin und Bartenderin, beide in den engen Grenzen ihres sozialen und durch das Geschlecht definierten Status im ständigen Kampf mit Geldnot und Familienzwängen, mit Bürokratie, Schlamperei und Korruption. Ein augenöffnender Film, der uns nüchtern und zugewandt den Alltag von Menschen zeigt, die wir immer erst wahrnehmen, wenn sie auf Schlauchbooten in Europa anlanden. (Barbara Kronsfoth)

Arseni Khachaturan’s camera does not lurk around to capture the grief of the protagonists, nor does it try to catch a glimpse of the shabby surroundings of the parts of Lagos, Nigeria, where the two protagonists of this film struggle through life. EYIMOFE takes a surprisingly fresh, vigorous approach that is aware of the determinism which so often prevents social dramas from seeming real. Following Mofe, an engineer, and Rosa, a hairdresser, whose stories are narrated separately, a microcosm of urban life, working class people, and financially entangled relationships unfolds in a thoughtful, gentle way. Both Mofe and Rosa are on the verge of leaving Africa as migrants, but the film does not focus on the trip itself but rather on daily routines, bureaucracy, and some disturbing things required to depart. Given the many current discussions on refugees seeking a new, better life, EYIMOFE – by focusing on their “old” life – evokes a new image of the so-called refugee – as a common citizen, autonomous, but limited by chances. With the film’s minimal but highly effective score, clear and undisguised tone, and the contingency of the story, one might even think of neorealist mastermind Cesare Zavattini, whose dictum was, that life should write the script and not the other way around. (Gunnar Landsgesell)

Arie Esiri: GOOSE (2017, K)
Chuko Esiri: GOOSE (2017, K), BESIDA (2018, K)

  • Jude Akuwudike - Mofe
  • Temi Ami-Williams - Rosa
  • Cynthia Ebijie - Grace
  • Tomiwa Edun - Seyi
  • Jacob Alexander - Peter
  • Chioma Omeruah - Mama Esther
  • Chuko Esiri
  • Arseni Khachaturan
  • Randy Matuszewski
  • Andrew Stephen Lee
  • Akin Adebowale
  • Taisa Malouf
  • Daniel Obasi
Ominira Studios, GDN Studios, Kimiera Media

GDN Studios

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