Bette Gordon

Director of

A pioneer in American Independent Cinema, and one of the most notable filmmakers to come out of the ‘No Wave Movement’ of the 1980’s in New York, Bette Gordon is known for her bold explorations of themes related to sexuality, violence and power.  Her first feature, VARIETY, now a cult classic, is about a woman who sells tickets in a pornographic movie theatre in Times Square, and was called “A female Taxi Driver, gritty disturbing and explosive” by Time Out Magazine.  Her films have been screened theatrically in the US and abroad, as well as in major international film festivals, including Cannes, Berlin, Toronto, Locarno, Rotterdam, Tribeca.
Films (selection): I-94 (1974), AN EROTIC FILM (1975), NOYES (1975), STILL LIFE (1975), UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (1975), AN ALGORITHM (1976), EXCHANGES (1979), EMPTY SUITCASES (1981), VARIETY (1983), GREED PAY TO PLAY (1986), LUMINOUS MOTION (2000), HANDSOME HARRY (2010), THE DROWNING (2017)