Suwa Nubohiro, Hippolyte Giradot
FRA, J 2009
93 min

Yuki, nine years old, learns that her parents are separating. Her father is French, and her mother is Japanese. She is going to have to follow her mother to Japan, leaving everything behind in Paris, starting with her best friend Nina. Together, Yuki and Nina devise schemes in order to get her parents back together. Running away seems like the only solution in the end - the forest will be their new destination.
Serving as a metaphor for a new beginning, the forest becomes a sort of magical frontier between France and Japan. It also marks the film’s change of register, from a realistic to a more lyrical atmosphere. The result of this quest is a film that like its little protagonist, holds a double identity. Long and fixed shoots give Yuki & Nina a contemplative rhythm in which silence finds its place. (Vitor Pinto)

  • Noë Sampy - Yuki
  • Arielle Moutel - Nina
  • Tsuyu - Yukis Mutter
  • Hippolyte Girardot - Yukis Vater
  • Marilyne Canto - Ninas Mutter
  • Nobuhiro Suwa
  • Hippolyte Girardot
  • Josée Deshaies
  • Ogawa Takeshi
  • Dominique Lacour
  • Raphaël Girardot Olivier Do Hu
  • Laurence Briaud
  • Hisako Suwa
  • Lily Margot
  • Doc Mateo
Comme des cinémas Les Films du Lendemain, Bitters End, Arte France Cinéma

Films Distribution 34, rue du Louvre 75001 Paris, Frankreich T +33 1 53 10 33 99

Stadtkino Filmverleih Spittelberggasse 3/3 1070 Wien T 1 522 48 14
35 mm
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