Fu Hao
VR, China 2009
92 min

On the Chinese New Year's Eve in the city of Guangzhou. A a young man shows up holding a teddy bear in his arms, looking for his ex-girlfriend. Two security guards play mahjong after work, go for a massage and spend the whole night just for seeking their dream hookers. In the meantime, an old man is taking a begging woman and a little girl he met in the street back to his apartment. All these scenes are usually seen in modern urban life, but the different stories of Eight Diagrams that happen during the night are suffused with the atmosphere of suspense and tension. Chinese director Fu Hao, who lives in Guangzhou, describes the bored and exhausting sense of modern people and the urban life of his hometown.

  • Yuan Kongbin
  • Luo Yunmei
  • Zhang Baojie
  • Tang Tian
  • Cheng De
  • Fu Hao
  • Fu Hao
  • Lin Xudong
  • Huang Wei
  • Situ Bimeng
  • Fu Hao
  • Huang Wei
  • Yuan Kongbin
  • Zeng Quing
Black Board Films

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