Corneliu Porumboiu
RO 2009
113 min

Cristi is a policeman who refuses to arrest a young man who offers hashish to two of his school mates. \"Offering\" shall be punished by the law, but Cristi does not want the life of a young man he considers irresponsible to be a burden on his conscience. For his superior, however, the word conscience has a different meaning.
In insightful set pieces that are both beautifully written and acted, Porumboiu scrutinizes the values he perceives around him. The film begins to turn on the word “conscience” as Cristi is brought face to face with the unfeeling force and power of authority, which comes in the form of his police captain. Ultimately both a dissection of
language and a penetrating social critique, Police, Adjective is a masterpiece of intelligent, thoughtful cinema that strikes with equal force at the heart and the mind.
(Piers Handling )

  • Dragos Bucur - Cristi
  • Vlad Ivanov - Anghelache
  • Ion Stoica - Nelu
  • Irina Saulescu - Anca
  • Corneliu Porumboiu
  • Marius Panduru
  • Alexandru Dragomir
  • Sebastien Zsemlye
  • Roxana Szel
  • Dan Dimitriu
  • Mihaela Poenaru
42 km Films Periscop Film, Racova and Raza Studio, HBO Romania, Romanian C.N.C.

Coach 14 21, rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud 75011 Paris, Frankreich T +33 1 47 00 10 60

35 mm
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