Nakamura Yoshihiro
J 2009
112 min

The Japanese take music very seriously, and so it's no surprise to find it at the heart of another fluffy, genre-bending film about fate, the transcendent power of music and our profound, if unwitting, connections to each other. Fish Story begins in 2012 in a record shop, where the store’s owner plays the song “Fish Story” for a customer and explains its history. It was supposed to give cuttingedge punk band Gekirin (they predated the Sex Pistols) its shot at glory back in 1975.
That never happened. The song isn’t initially a hit, but somehow it manages to transcend normal space and time, affecting people across several time periods. While they chat, young Taniguchi stumbles in and points out that a comet is about to strike the planet. The fate of the world is rather intricately linked to the 40-year-old song, and in a complex series of flashbacks we find out why: Earth should be destroyed, but because of the effects of the song, fate can be delayed or even completely avoided. To say the temporal manipulations are jarring is an understatement (there are five distinct “eras” where the action unfolds), but director Nakamura Yoshihiro handles the shifting time frames and multiple characters with ease and keeps things appropriately understandable and mysterious. (Elizabeth Kerr)

  • Hamada Gaku - Masafumi
  • Ito Atsushi Ito - Shigeki
  • Kora Kengo - Goro
  • Moriyama Mirai - Cast
  • Omori Nao - Okazaki
  • Ishimaru Kenjiro - Taniguchi
  • Hayashi Tamio
  • Komatsu Takashi
  • Takano Yasuo
  • Eisuke Ohata
  • Sasaki Tsugihiko
  • Nakamae Tomoharu
Amuse Soft Entertainment Dub

CJ Entertainment 2nd fl., 602 Shinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu Seoul 135-893, Südkorea T +82 2 2017 1191

35 mm
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