Peter Whitehead
GBR, AUT 2009
155 min

Selected examples of a New Cinema

Michael Schlieman is a MI6 spy who is working in the terrorism section of the British intelligence. He disappeared and will publish his \"confessions\" on the internet, revealing the truth about secret operations carried out by various governments. There is a parallel between the sinking of the Greenpeace boat, the \"Rainbow Warrior\", and the terrorist state murder of a Greenpeace photographer. Schlieman is now part of an eco-terrorist group.
My new film is largely based on the recent novel of the same title. It is the first novel of a trilogy entitled “The Nohzone Trilogy”. The second novel is entitled “Nature’s Child” and the third “Girl on the Train”. The central element of the film is the killing of an “ideal victim”. I want to investigate the CIA’s influence on English culture, which is based on misinformation. This new film is influenced by Thomas De Quincey’s novels, “Confessions of an Opium Eater” and “Murder Considered as a Fine Art”, and I would say that it is about fear and control, or better still, about the fear that the state spreads in order to control. After having destroyed the Third World now we are also destroying this planet. Gaia is now, rightly so, revolting. (Peter Whitehead)

  • Sophie Strohmeier
  • Samantha Berger
  • Nina Erber
  • Who Killed Bambi
  • Liza Tsyzina-Whitehead
  • Joanna Woodrow
  • Alice Schneider
  • Peter Whitehead
  • Sophie Strohmeier
  • Peter Whitehead
  • Manuel Knapp
  • Peter Whitehead
  • Peter Whitehead
  • Black Flash
  • Nina Erber
  • Armani

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