Joel Coen, Ethan Coen
USA 2009
105 min

It's 1967: Larry Gopnik wants to be taken seriously, but he's assailed on all sides by disrespect. At home, his rotten children steal from his wallet and his wife pesters him for a divorce. She has fallen for their hippie-styled friend Sy Ableman and his empty, feel-good mantras. Desperately clinging to his sanity, Larry seeks counsel from the wise and elusive Rabbi Nachtner. But to get to Nachtner, he has to endure the First Rabbi, and then the Second. Blessed with a cosmic sense of life's absurdities, A Serious Man is sharp, precise and superbly structured. Even the contrast of Roger Deakins's composed images and the story's increasing chaos is held in perfect balance. (Cameron Bailey)

Before the closing film the Viennale-09-Trailer: Fire & Rain will be screened.

  • Michael Stuhlbarg - Larry Gopnik
  • Richard Kind - Onkel Arthur
  • Fred Melamed - Sy Ableman
  • Sari Lennick - Judith Gopnik
  • Aaron Wolff - Danny Gopnik
  • Jessica McManus - Sarah Gopnik
  • Joel Coen
  • Ethan Coen
  • Roger Deakins
  • Marko A. Costanzo
  • Chris C. Benson
  • Ethan Coen
  • Joel Coen
  • Carter Burwell
  • Jess Gonchor
  • Mary Zophres
Working Titles Films Relativity Media, StudioCanal Mike Zoss Productions

Focus Features International 65 Bleecker Street New York, NY 10012, USA T +1 212 539 4000

Tobis Filmverleih Zollergasse 36 1070 Wien T 1 521 28 20 0
35 mm
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