Fear East


Andrew Lau, Alan Mak
HK 2003
119 min

Serving to set a solid footing for the characters introduced in the first film, Infernal Affairs II starts in 1991 when young Ming kills the head of the Ngai family. The murder sets in motion tension that could escalate into a gang war and a power struggle, and relative Ngai Wing-hau steps into the top slot in the family and rallies those under him. Police headed by officers Wong and Luk meanwhile keep an eye on the situation with moles planted in the crime family, most notably Yan. Infernal Affairs II is both a companion piece to surprise hit thriller Infernal Affairs and, in style and substance, close to The Godfather series. Fortunately, it has the right looks and a meaty enough story to resiliently stand up to both tests. Infernal Affairs II takes place between 1991 and 1997 and explains the circumstances in which police and triads came to plant undercover agents in each others organizations the basic structure of Infernal Affairs. That film came from nowhere to become one of the finest-made Hong Kong pictures in recent years and one of its biggest box office earners. (Patrick Frater)

  • Anthony Wong - Wong
  • Eric Tsang - Sam
  • Chapman To - Keung
  • Carina Lau - Mary
  • Francis Ng - Hau
  • Shawn Yue - Yan
  • Edison Chen - Ming
  • Alan Mak
  • Felix Chong
  • Andrew Lau
  • Ng Man-ching
  • Kinson Tsang
  • Danny Pang
  • Pang Ching-hei
  • Chan Kwong-wing
  • Bill Lui Chor-hung
  • Silver Cheung
Beijing New Picture Film Co.

Media Asia Films Ltd. 24/F Causeway Bay Plaza 2463-483 Lockhart Road Causeway Bay, Hongkong T 23 14 4288 wwdist@mediaasisa.com

MC One Industriestr. 2 70565 Stuttgart T 711 782 80 0 robert.kainz@mc-one.de
35 mm
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