Fear East


Johnnie To
HK 2004
90 min

When the embarrassing defeat of a police battalion by five robbers is broadcast on TV, the credibility of the police force drops to a nadir. Soon the whereabouts of the robbers are discovered and the building they occupy becomes besieged by thousands of policemen. To beat the media at its own game, Inspector Rebecca decides to turn the stakeout into a breaking news show by sending officers into the building with wireless cameras atop their helmets. To her surprise, the robbers also start using the media to turn against the police. A media warfare soon erupts amidst a gory battle of life and death.

  • Richie Jen - Yuen
  • Kelly Chen - Rebecca
  • Nick Cheung - Cheung
  • Cheung Siu Fai - Eric
  • Hui Siu Hung - Hoi
  • Lam Suet - Yip
  • You Yong - Chun
  • Ding Hai Feng - Long
  • Li Hai Tao - Chung
  • Chan Hing Kai
  • Yip Tin Shing
  • Cheung Siu Keung
  • May Mok
  • Charlie Lo
  • David Richardson
  • Cheung Chi Wing
  • Ben Cheung
  • Bruce Yu
  • Steven Tsang
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35 mm
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