In Focus: Manuel Mozos

Um passo, outro passo e depois...

Step By Step
Manuel Mozos
P 1989
58 min

Nogueira, a man in his fifties, is a relic of times long past. While the youngsters at the school where he works as a caretaker still think the world is their oyster, Nogueira knows that, for him, most doors have long closed. In his first feature film, made for Portuguese television, Manuel Mozos sends his lonesome hero on a night-time quest. UM PASSO, OUTRO PASSO E DEPOIS… is remindful of Italian neorealism when it accompanies its protagonist on his odyssey as he fights the adversities of life. Manuel Mozos’ feature debut is also an emphatic, almost melancholic film that firmly sides with the outsider. In the end, Nogueira’s efforts are rewarded and he gets the bit of luck he deserves.

In the presence of Manuel Mozos and Miguel Gomes (curator).

  • Henrique Canto e Castro - Nogueira
  • Pedro Hestnes - Luís
  • Sandra Garcia - Xana
  • Carlos Ribeiro d’Almeida - Vasco
  • Sandra Faleiro - Rita
  • Jorge Silva Melo
  • Manuela Viegas
  • Manuel Mozos nach einer Idee von Edgar Pêra
  • José António Loureiro
  • Joaquim Pinto
  • Manuela Viegas
  • Rodrigo Leão
Grupo de Estudos e Realizações (GER) im Auftrag von Radiotelevisão Portuguesa (RTP)
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