In Focus: Manuel Mozos


Fernando Lopes
P 1964
72 min

Fernando Lopes’ BELARMINO is not really a documentary about boxing, but a documentary about the life of a boxer, Belarmino Fragoso (1931–1982), at the end of his short career, and a very lively, frank, surprising portrait of the life of a common man in Lisbon during the 60’s. A major contribution for the astounding art quality of the film is the omnipresence of augusto Cabrita, probably the best portuguese cameraman/photographer from the 50’ to the 70’s. With Cabrita’s sensibility and technique, combined with Lopes’ imagination and accuracy, we get fabulous frames, that most certainly have influenced many other directors. Watch closely the opening credits, as well as the fantastic sequence at the jazzclub and the fabulous ending shots with Belarmino washing his face at Lisbon downtown, dived in humidity and smooth rain.

  • Belarmino Fragoso
  • Fernando Lopes
  • Augusto Cabrita
  • Fernando Lopes
  • Manuel Jorge Veloso
  • Albano Martins
  • Jean Pierre Gebler
  • Maria Teresa de Noronha
Produções Cunha Telles, Madragoa Filme
Maria João Seixas c/o Cinemateca Portuguesa
35 mm
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