In Focus: Manuel Mozos

Cinema português (...)?

Manuel Mozos
P 1996
56 min

“Portuguese cinema has never existed.” The first sentence we get to hear from João Bénard da Costa, the renowned film historian and longtime head of Cinemateca Portuguesa, seems a far from prefect introduction to a documentary on the history of Portuguese film. Manuel Mozos made this film on his home country’s cinema in the year it celebrated its 100th anniversary, and the question mark in its title already indicates that CINEMA PORTUGUÊS (...)? is all but a typical documentary on national film history. Small monitors piled highly with videotapes show countless clippings of films that Mozos appears to have to choose from. Which films are the important ones, which will be left over?

In the presence of Manuel Mozos and Miguel Gomes (curator).

  • João Bénard da Costa
  • Manuel Mozos
  • Luís Correira
  • Nuno Carvalho
  • Vítor Alves
  • Maria de Sameiro
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Rosa Filmes
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