Retrospective 2014

Riley The Cop

John Ford
USA 1928
66 min

«One recognizes a good policeman by the arrests he does not make.» This is the tagline. Riley is a very good policeman and a prototype of the nice patrolman around the corner who uses his truncheon merely to play baseball with the kids of the district. Besides this splendor copy of Irish nonchalance other absurd national stereotypes like German beer drinkers populate this silent comedy which already had a music and sound track.


  • Billy Bevan
  • J. Farrell MacDonald - Mike Donovan
  • Nancy Drexel
  • David Rollins
  • Louise Fazenda
  • Mildred Boyd
  • Fred Stanley
  • James Gruen
  • Charles G. Clarke
  • Alex Troffey
  • S.L. Roxy Rothafel
  • Ernó Rapee
Fox Film Corporation, John Ford Production
35 mm
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