Special: Kinkdom Come

Ray Davies: Imaginary Man

Julien Temple
GBR 2010
78 min

Julien Temple follows the former Kinks frontman, Ray Davies, as he strolls around North London warbling 60’s chestnuts as “Waterloo Sunset” and “Autumn Almanac” and sits him down at the piano in a community center where the band played an early gig in 1963 to reminisce about the old days. KINKDOM COME: DAVE DAVIES, shot a year later, shows Dave wandering around the coast of Exmoor, where he lives, and likewise revisiting the band’s early years. The same archival footage turns up in both movies, and the other two founding members sit for interviews as well: drummer Mick Avory (who can’t stand Dave) in the RAY DAVIES movie and bassist Pete Quaife (who died in 2010) in the DAVE DAVIES movie. (J.R. Jones)

In the presence of Julien Temple.

  • Julian Temple
  • Steve Organ
  • Billy Young
  • Caroline Richards
  • Ray Davies
  • Alan Yentob
  • Paloma Faith
  • Amy McDonald
  • Mick Avory
BBC One, Nitrate Films
Nitrate Films
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