Special: Kinkdom Come

Return To Waterloo

Ray Davies
GBR 1984
60 min

Ray Davies of the Kinks, well-respected as one of rock’s best storytellers, makes his film-making debut as director, writer and composer of RETURN TO WATERLOO. This hour-long feature is a unique approach to the synthesis of music, video and cinema. Instead of dialogue, the story is told through music and lyrics. The haunting songs take renowned actor Ken Colley on a suspenseful journey through his imagination, as he confronts reality and fantasy, love and violence. This film, a cult classic, is a watershed event in the development of the music video art form, as it was created for itself rather than to promote a record; not a concert, not a grouping of promo videos, this is a real movie, and an impressive directorial debut. (Dave Emlen)

  • Tim Roth - Punk
  • Kenneth Colley - Traveller
  • Joan Blackman - Mother
  • Dominique Barnes - Daughter
  • Valerie Holliman - Wife
  • Sally Anne Field - Punk Girl
  • Michael Cule - Business woman
  • Ray Davies - Singer in Metro
  • Ray Davies
  • Roger Deakins
  • Geoff Hogg
  • David Mingay
  • Ray Davies
Waterloo Films, RCA Video Productions, Channel Four
Lightyear Entertainment
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