Special: Kinkdom Come

Kinkdom Come: Dave Davies

Julien Temple
GBR 2011
75 min

An intimate and candid trip down memory lane with the iconic lead guitarist of The Kinks. Shot on the hills and beaches of Exmoor (which have bewitched the London-born Dave Davies since childhood) and interspersed with a wide range of archival footage, its subject narrates the struggles of growing up poor in postwar Britain, his even more tumultuous experiences in the limelight, and his sentimental but uncompromising approach to life.

In the presence of Julien Temple.

  • Julian Temple
  • Steve Organ
  • Billy Young
  • Caroline Richards
  • Dave Davies
  • Ray Davies
  • Alan Yentob
  • Paloma Faith
  • Amy McDonald
  • Mick Avory
BBC One, Nitrate Films
Nitrate Films
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